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pictures are generated examples of stonework that we will use not exact products.
Please note ,queried natural stone is 100% Natural product and we can’t change what nature  created or modified colours and variations.

– We are working hard to constantly improve  our     products and services
– We are willing to make your experience with our company as smooth and enjoyable possible .
– We appreciate your trust and support .
– We will do our best to over deliver on your expectations and our promises.

1 , When purchasing prebuilt stone piers make sure that you ordering exact amount of units that you need , measurements are accurate and extras are added.

2 , If you are not using our delivery services we can’t provide guarantee that purchased products  won’t get damaged or lost during the transport.
During Manipulation we strongly recomend to take extra care and avoid unnecessary clashing , shacking or vibration of any type. We would advise to leave this type of work to experienced professional .
Our Natural Stone Pillars are solid stone and concrete all the way through what makes them extremely heavy .
Any incorrect manipulation or neglect of safe practices can result into fatal injuries .

3 , With piers installation is important that concrete footing under them is correctly positioned , poured , perfectly leveled and allowed to cure.

4 , Production time
In case that we don’t have in stock exact type of product that you are looking for production
usually takes between 6 to 10 weeks from day of order to agreed day of collection or delivery . Please make sure that all of your special requirements and extras are well communicated and understood by our team before works are started.

5 , Extras to consider
– pier caps flat , apex , natural
– delivery & installation
– concrete base ( underground part )
– lights,intercom, sensors, power cable duct
– gate hangers bracket
– postbox built in
– parcel box built in
– stainless Steel wall ties or restraint straps
– timber fence truss hanger or clip