Reclaimed Stone


Recycling the past for the future. Reclaimed natural stone, salvaged from unsafe buildings, is the perfect eco-friendly, sustainable solution for any stone masonry project.


Old stone buildings often hide timeless treasures in form of irreplaceable craftsmanship. These buildings also have lots to say about the history and the lives of people living in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, over time these buildings can gradually fall into disrepair, eventually becoming extremely unsafe due to lack of maintenance, structural deterioration, or weather damage. 

At Pavlak Stone Masonry, we don’t believe that these historic stone materials should be simply abandoned to nature. That’s why we do our best to constantly search for old stone buildings which are no longer safe to the public, or simply in the way of new developments, reclaiming the stone material to be reused for other purposes. 

This process very often requires careful manipulation with machinery and strategic planning, so we can most effectively transport and store transport these materials elsewhere – completely intact – to be enjoyed by future generations.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Stone?

At Pavlak Stone Masonry, we love reclaimed stone for many reasons. Our team get great satisfaction from recycling old stone buildings which are no longer safe for use, or are impossible to repair and restore. 

But why choose reclaimed stone for your next natural stone project?


Using reclaimed stone helps make your project eco-friendly by reducing waste, and significantly reducing environmental impacts – avoiding unnecessary processing of new materials, and reducing the amount of potential waste sent to landfills.

A Link to Our Past

Imagine telling your kids stories of their great grand grandparents who lived in a nearby small stone house over 200 years ago, all while sitting in front of a beautifully built stone fireplace, made with locally reclaimed stone – and still showing the marks of an old metal eye forged into the material for tying horses (and occasionally naughty kids!). 


The Weathered Look

Natural stone that has been weathered for decades (sometimes even centuries), has an unmistakeable textured and worn appearance which cannot be artificially replicated. As well as this, reclaimed stone can be structurally more reliable than recently quarried or harvested stone due to already having been exposed to the elements.

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What To Know Before You Buy Reclaimed Stone

When you’re deciding to use reclaimed stone for your project, it’s often important to know that not every stone type can be used for every project. For example, not all reclaimed products can be repurposed for a patio, or used for large load-bearing purposes. 

As well as this, each stone is unique and a work of art, and very often has been worked completely by hand – meaning that every single stone is often entirely different. Unlike freshly quarried natural stone which can be uniform in appearance, reclaimed stone, even of the same type, rarely looks the exact same – only adding to the charm!

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Our Reclaimed Stone

At Pavlak Stone Masonry, we can provide traditional aged building stones such as quoins, lintels, window sills, arches, and much more. 

These materials can be easily reused and are in fact often required by local planners during historical home renovations, or when building a new house or agricultural building in rural areas or historical areas of Ireland.

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We’re an Irish-based Stone Masonry company selling 100% Irish Natural Stone and reclaimed stone nationwide, and we provide our stone masonry services all the way from Donegal to Dublin and Wicklow, and everywhere in between.

If you need reclaimed stone for your next project, or if you’ve got any questions related to stone masonry in general, simply get in touch – we’d be happy to help!

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